Monday, December 29, 2014

Musical Monday - Cats at Parties by The Doubleclicks

The holiday season is a season for parties. New Year's is especially a time for parties. While I am a fan of small celebrations like getting together with friends for gaming, this song pretty much describes how I feel about the traditional style of party with lots of people sitting around drinking champagne and eating finger foods as they make small talk. When those kinds of parties come up, I'd really rather sit with the cats and read a book. Or find a couple of like-minded nerdy people and play a game. Oddly, both of these activities are frowned upon at most social gatherings, which I consider to be a mark of the lack of civilization of our society. At least the cats are civilized.

For everyone who goes to Times Square, or a big party full of loud music and lots of alcohol, I hope you enjoy yourselves. I won't be there, and I will be happy not to be. I'm also not going to have any cats for company this New Year's Eve. Just the redhead, some really good friends, a pile of games, and an evening that is the kind of evening that I find fun.

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