Monday, July 13, 2015

Musical Monday - (For His Head Is Hollow and I Have Touched) Spock's Brain by Five Year Mission

So, Five Year Mission has a new album out, consisting entirely of songs written in tribute to the generally terrible but incredibly fun and campy Spock's Brain episode. Well, that was the jumping off point, as many of the songs aren't actually about the episode itself, but rather are about Spock, or things related to Spock, or things that might vaguely be considered Spock-like. Even so, they are all great Star Trek-based songs from the best Star Trek oriented band in existence.

This is the first "official" video from the Spock's Brain album - the video of the recording of Spock's Dog from Starbase Indy last November doesn't really count - and it is brilliant. Not only is the song itself really good, the video itself is a tribute to the sometimes silly and always over-the-top mad scientist driven science fiction movies of the 1950s, with disembodied brains on tiny wires attacking innocent bystanders before the members of Five Year Mission perform surgery to acquire the musical instruments necessary to make a stand against the hostile brains with everything accompanied by delightfully bad special effects. In short, it is beautiful and captures the low-budget spirit of the movies it is emulating in the best possible way. There's a reason the redhead and I are going to see them perform again when we go to Gen Con later this month.

By the way, if you want a copy of the Spock's Brain album, you can get one here.

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