Saturday, July 11, 2015

Book Blogger Hop July 10th - July 16th: There Are 112 Pounds in an English Long Hundredweight

Book Blogger Hop

Jen at Crazy for Books restarted her weekly Book Blogger Hop to help book bloggers connect with one another, but then couldn't continue, so she handed the hosting responsibilities off to Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer. The only requirements to participate in the Hop are to write and link a post answering the weekly question and then visit other blogs that are also participating to see if you like their blog and would like to follow them.

This week Billy asks: If you are in a book club, where do you meet? A restaurant, someone's home, the library? If you aren't in a book club, why not?

I am kind of a member of a book club. Except it isn't really a book club. By this I mean I am a member of the Washington Science Fiction Association (also known as WSFA), which isn't actually a book club, but for relatively obvious reasons is very interested in science fiction and fantasy books. The redhead is also a member.

WSFA meets twice a month at the homes of members who volunteer to host them, but because one of those meetings is always held at the home of a person who owns several pets which trigger negative sinus reactions from the redhead, we only attend the other meeting every month. Every meeting, the Committee to Actually Talk About Science Fiction holds a discussion about a chosen topic - usually something like an issue of Asimov's Science Fiction, and Fantasy & Science Fiction, but sometimes some other topic is chosen. Later this month, for example, the discussion will focus on the nominees for the WSFA Small Press Award, which members will be voting on by the end of July.

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  1. Sounds like you have nice gatherings for your book club.

    ENJOY your evening.

    Happy Hopping!!

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