Saturday, July 4, 2015

Book Blogger Hop July 3rd - July 9th: 111 Is Called a "Nelson" and Is an Unlucky Score in Cricket

Book Blogger Hop

Jen at Crazy for Books restarted her weekly Book Blogger Hop to help book bloggers connect with one another, but then couldn't continue, so she handed the hosting responsibilities off to Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer. The only requirements to participate in the Hop are to write and link a post answering the weekly question and then visit other blogs that are also participating to see if you like their blog and would like to follow them.

This week Billy asks: Do you lend your books out to friends and family?

No. And also sort of.

I don't normally lend books out because in the days when I did, I noticed they had an annoying tendency never to return, and as a result, I would end up having to reacquire the now-missing book again. And because it was still tagged in my library database as a book that I owned, I wouldn't get the normal reminder to purchase it when the opportunity arose, which would result in a hole in my library for far longer than I would like.

That said, I have a tendency to accidentally buy duplicate copies of books I already own. This is an almost unavoidable side-effect of having a personal library large enough that I cannot remember which books I own and which I do not. The end result is that I have a fair number of books that I own two or more copies of, and if I can find them in the mostly unsorted pile of duplicates I keep in the hall closet, I'm willing to lend those out to those who are interested.

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  1. That is a good idea to lend out the duplicates.

    I lend my books out, but keep a list of who has what. There are some books I won't lend, though. :)

    ENJOY your reading week.

    Happy Hopping!!

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    My Blog Hop Answer

    1. @Elizabeth: Keeping track of who has what doesn't really seem to work in my experience. Books still ended up permanently walking away even if I knew where they walked off to, so I just stopped letting them wander.