Monday, February 29, 2016

Musical Monday - Beam Down by Five Year Mission

I have mixed feelings about this song.

The redhead and I go to Gen Con in Indianapolis, Indiana every year. One of the highlights of the convention has always been attending the performance of Five Year Mission, the greatest Star Trek tribute band ever to take the stage, as they have participated in the convention's music program every year. Sadly, this year we will miss them. Not because we are not going to Gen Con, but rather because Five Year Mission won't be there.

Why not? Have they offended some convention staffer at Gen Con? Have they suddenly become too unpopular to deserve a place in the Gen Con lineup? No. They have instead become so popular that for the third time, the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention has asked them to be the convention's house band. And this time, they are there for the big fiftieth anniversary celebration. While that's great for the band, and that makes me happy, it means that we won't be able to see them at Gen Con, and that makes me sad.

On the other hand, from this video, it looks like there are a lot of very enthusiastic Star Trek fans who will be beaming down to the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention, and I hope they will appreciate Five Year Mission as much as the redhead and I do.

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