Monday, November 7, 2016

Musical Monday - Holy Shit (You've Got to Vote) by Rachel Bloom (and friends)

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know that there is an election in the U.S. tomorrow. You probably also know that the race is between a xenophobic, racist, sexist, antisemitic, authoritarian fascist who is obsessed with revenge fantasies and wonders why we can't just use nuclear weapons because we have them, and on the other side, a policy wonk that people dislike because she takes government seriously and refused to stay at home and bake cookies when her husband held office. She also used a private e-mail server when she worked as Secretary of State, just like Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice did. In other words, this is essentially a contest between someone who is as close to being a literal Nazi as we have ever seen in American politics, and a woman who sometimes rubs people the wrong way because she is ambitious and career-oriented.

Inspired (if that is the correct word) by the contest, Rachel Bloom sat down and wrote a song encouraging people to make the only sane choice and vote to defeat the orange septic tank that is running under the Republican banner. The song is direct and to the point, and also profane and self-aware of its own silliness. In the video, Bloom is joined by a collection of other celebrities, including Elizabeth Banks, Mayim Bialik, Jaime Camil, Misha Collins, Felicia Day, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Jason George, Patti LuPone, Jane Lynch, Moby, Adam Pally, Melissa Rauch, Zach Reino, Naya Rivera, Amber Rose, Adam Scott, Paul Sheer, and Sean Patrick Thomas. That's as complete a list as I've been able to come up with. If I have missed anybody, I apologize.

Though the song is humorous, this election is not.

There are two visions of America competeing here. One is an ugly vision, fueled by nativism, a lust for wealth, and the poorly concealed theocratic impulses of the religious right. It is a vision that sees the United States as primarily a place that is a homeland for white heterosexual Christians, and everyone else is in its borders at their sufferance. It is a vision of the United States that displays all of the ugliest aspects of nationalism and cares nothing for any of the ideals set forth in the Consitution, and will in fact throw those ideals over the side in the name of security, or order, or merely in the name of revenge.

The other vision is one that centers the ideals of the U.S. Constitution. A vision that actually believes in protections such as the freedom to practice one's religion, and that the freedom of speech and of the press are vital to the health of the nation. A vision that believes in due process of law, and the equal protection of the laws, regardless of where someone was born or what faith they adhere to. Despite any other faults she may have, there is no doubt that Clinton believes in the fundamental principles of the Republic as expressed in the Constitution. I have doubts that Trump even knows what those principles are, and I have no doubt that he does not care one whit for protecting them, and regards them as little more than trivial impediments to his objectives. Clinton may implement policies that you don't like, but she won't threaten the very foundations of the nation. If Trump is elected, there is a chance that the United States as we have known it for all of our lives will cease to exist, and will be transformed into something unrecognizable to us now.

Don't just take it from me, take it from this guy, who says it much more eloquently than I can:

Democracy is on the ballot. All of the values that are enshrined in the formative documents of our nation are on the ballot. Trump regards democracy with contempt. Trump regards the U.S. Constitution with contempt. Trump regards minorities and immigrants with contempt. Trump regards justice and equality with contempt. Trump even regards the officers, soldiers, and civil servants who would serve under him with contempt.

Go vote. Vote for a better America. Vote to reject Trump's America. Go vote.

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