Monday, July 24, 2017

Musical Monday - Crystal Blue Persuasion by Tommy James and the Shondells

Continuing the theme of "songs that spring into my mind when people with a certain name", here is Tommy James singing (or more accurately, sloppily lip synching) his hit Crystal Blue Persuasion. There is a name in there, but it isn't really used as a name in this song. In any event, this is the song I associate mentally with one of the people I know, so it goes on the playlist in my head whenever I see them.

On an entirely different note, to me this video is pretty hilarious. Tommy James gives absolutely no fucks whatsoever about trying to match the recording. Near then end, he simply gives up completely. In addition, this video was allegedly made in 1971, after James had left his band and gone solo, but the recording James is lip synching to is fairly obviously the studio recording made in 1969 by the entire band.

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