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Musical Artist - Boston

Boston is an American band best known for their self-named debut album Boston, which is one of the best selling debut albums in music history. The driving force behind the band has always been guitarist and engineer Tom Scholz, but the "original" lineup also included Brad Delp, Barry Goudreau, Fran Sheehan, Sib Hashian.

I use the term "original" lineup loosely, as Boston is only a band in the loosest sense of the word. Fundamentally, Boston consists of Tom Scholz and the guys he is currently touring with. For example, the Scholz performed all of the instruments except drums on the band's debut album Boston, with Brad Delp providing lead vocals and Jim Masdea doing the drum work. When the band was set to go on tour, Masdea left the band and was replaced by Sib Hashian and Barry Goudreau and Fran Sheehan were added to the lineup. Scholz is a graduate of M.I.T. and, despite opposition from their record label, most of the band's albums have been recorded in his home studio using equipment of his own design.

Boston's debut album produced numerous staples of classic rock including More Than a Feeling, Peace of Mind, Rock and Roll Band, and Foreplay/Long Time. It remains one of the most commercially successful debut albums of all time, peaking at number three and remaining on the charts for 132 weeks. Their second album, Don't Look Back, was not as successful, but still produced the hits Don't Look Back, Feelin' Satisfied, Party, and Man I'll Never Be. Unhappy with the second album, and feeling like he had been rushed to get it into production, Scholz took six years to make Boston's third album titled Third Stage, which resulted in the band's only number one hit Amanda and a couple of other lesser hits such as We're Ready and Cant'cha Say. Boston has released more albums since Third Stage, including a Greatest Hits album, but had not had the same level of success as it had with its earlier albums.

Boston has an official website named Just Another Band Out of Boston. They can also be found on Facebook.

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