Sunday, December 31, 1989

1989 Clarke Award Nominees

Location: United Kingdom.

Comments: In the third years of the Clarke Award's existence, the judges on the selection panel decided to change things up a bit and recognize a third place finisher as well as a winner, runner-up, and mass of shortlisted finalists. I'm not sure why so many awards seem to think it is a good idea to fiddle with how they report their results. I simply can't figure out what need designating a third place finisher serves here. Did the judges think that authors and publishers would start proudly placing an announcement on third place finishers' books saying "Third Place Finisher in the Clarke Awards!" Did they think that this would be a more impressive piece of cover text than "Shortlisted for the Clarke Award!" Neither seem incredibly enticing, but to be perfectly honest, the shortlist designation seems slightly more impressive. At least that version doesn't sound quite so desperate.

Unquenchable Fire by Rachel Pollack

The Empire of Fear by Brian Stableford

Third Place
Rumours of Spring by Richard Grant

Kairos by Gwyneth Jones
Life During Wartime by Lucius Shepard
Philip K. Dick Is Dead, Alas by Michael Bishop
Whores of Babylon by Ian Watson

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