Thursday, July 2, 1970

Policies on Comment Moderation, Guest Posts, Interviews, and Blog Tours

These are the policies I have established for my blog. Right now this page consists of policies for comment moderation, guest posts, interviews, and blog tours. My review policy can be found here. As issues come up, I may decide to add more, at any time, and without notice. These are my standard responses to requests concerning these issues. I reserve the right to change these policies or waive these policies at any time and for any reason, including my own whimsy. This is not an invitation to ask me to waive these policies because your author interview is just that good. Requests like that are likely to get your e-mail deleted and your e-mail address blocked.

Comment Moderation: This policy is very simple. I reserve the right to moderate or delete any comments on this blog in any way I want, for any reason I want, without notice, and without any appeal.

Guest Posts: No. The answer will always be no. This blog is my voice, and mine alone. I write all of the books. I decide how things are formatted. I decide what goes on the blog and what does not. This is almost certainly never going to change.

Interview Posts: I don't do blog interviews. I have no interest in e-mailing you a collection of questions and posting your collection of canned responses. If I do an interview post, it will be because I met the author, sat down with them, and talked to them in person. Part of the reason for this blog is to document my experiences as a lover of science fiction and fantasy, and exchanging a few e-mails ranks well down on the list of things worth documenting. If I meet a living, breathing author, and can record a sit down interview with them, then I'll probably put a post up detailing that. Anything short of that, no.

Blog Tours: I have nothing against blog tours per se, but I tend to shy away from agreeing to participate in them because the scheduling for this blog can be a tad erratic. I don't intend to go for a day or two without posting, and I won't intend to forget to post a review on the day that you carved out for me to post about your promoted book, but my schedule is not entirely my own, and I generally can make no promises about when something will be read, and no promises about when something will be reviewed. Some weeks I can't even post a Musical Monday or Follow Friday post on time (or at all), so other content goes up when I have the time and ability to do so, and not according to any particular schedule. So if you do want me to participate in your blog tour, be warned that I might miss your date and I'm not really going to be sorry if I do.


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