Friday, July 3, 1970

Random Thoughts

This is the list of all of the Random Thought posts that I have written. I am occasionally moved to write on a topic that occurs to me that simply isn't easily placed in one particular category or another, so I call them random thoughts. There is basically no rhyme or reason to my choice of topics, or how often I post these sorts of musings. They are, as the name implies, mostly random.

10/31/18: Moving
10/16/18: Unexpected Lives
09/12/18: The Misery of the Hustler, and the Joy of Being a Fan
09/05/18: Five Things
01/23/18: Farewell Le Guin
05/02/17: Some Thoughts About Library Book Sales
03/21/17: My Nominations for the 2017 Hugo Awards
01/11/17: High School, Expectations, and Literature
11/11/16: Third Party Candidates and American Elections
10/18/16: The 2014 "E Pluribus Hugo" Revised Hugo Finalists
10/12/16: The 2015 "E Pluribus Hugo" Revised Hugo Finalists
09/27/16: The 2016 "E Pluribus Hugo" Revised Hugo Finalists
09/20/16: 2016 "What Could Have Been" Hugo Finalists
05/13/16: Why Not the Hugo Longlist?
05/08/16: 2015 "What Could Have Been" Hugo Finalists
05/08/16: How to UnPuppy a Hugo Ballot
08/27/15: Things to Consider for 2016 Hugo Nominations
03/17/15: Ten Years Without Andre Norton
12/25/14: One Hundred Years Ago
08/20/14: My Thoughts on the 2014 Hugo Award Results
08/17/14: My 2014 Gen Con Haul
06/04/14: Amazon Links, or Rather the Lack Thereof
02/26/14: What I've Been Reading (Because It Hasn't Been Books)
11/21/13: The Great Twitter Music War of 2013
09/03/13: The Tabletop Games I Own
08/03/13: Changes to My Reading Pattern and Some Notes on Policies
03/23/13: A Funeral: Infinity and Meaning
10/04/12: Typing With a Splint On Is Slow, Plus Thoughts About Public Television
08/15/12: R.I.P. Harry Harrison
05/14/12: Library Book Sales!
08/11/11: So, How Many Have You Read?
07/18/11: Introducing Star Trek: The Original Series to My Son
05/23/11: A Massive Sidetrack
03/08/11: The Litany Against McDune
02/19/11: Follow Friday Follow-Up, Blog Organization, and Haiku
02/13/11: I Drew Donald Duck
02/02/11: Stylish Blogger Award
11/02/10: Go See My Mother's Artwork
10/18/10: Did the Stimulus Package Work?
09/10/10: Earth
06/18/08: Magazines
02/04/08: Superbowl Sunday

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