Friday, July 3, 1970

Book Blogger Hop

This is the list of all of the Book Blogger Hop posts resulting from my participation in the Book Blogger Hop meme hosted by Jen at Crazy for Books, and later by a collection of guest hosts. When I started participating in the meme, I followed the same practice for numbering these posts that I had previously used for my Follow Friday posts, coming up with something interesting about every number I used.

As of December 21, 2012, Jen stopped hosting the Book Blogger Hop due to shifts in her blogging focus, and as of February, 2012, the meme was taken over by Billy Burgess at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer.

02/01/20: The Area Code for the U.S. Virgin Islands Is 340
01/11/20: Constantine the Great Died in 337 A.D.
01/04/20: The Video 3:36 by Poppy Is, Ironically, Only 40 Seconds Long
05/11/19: In 306 A.D., the Synod of Elvira Declared That Killing With a Magic Spell Is a Sin
05/28/16: There Were 156 Sons of Magbish in the Census of Israel
01/30/16: Jeppe Carlsen Created a Video Game Named 140
06/08/14: I Remember When 56 kbit/s Was the Fastest Analog Modem Speed
05/24/14: A Rubik's Cube Has 54 Colored Squares
05/11/14: Julius Ceasar Defeated Vercingetorix in 52 B.C.
02/09/14: Judah Ben-Hur Was Called 41 When He Was a Roman Warship Slave
01/26/14: 39 Is the Atomic Number of Yttrium
01/04/14: Superman Loves 36, Because He Is the First Son of Krypton
12/28/13: There Are Thirty-Five Free Hexominoes
12/14/13: 33 Is the Pilot Episode of the Reimagined Battlestar Galactica Series
12/08/13: A Full Adult Set of Human Teeth Consists of Thirty-Two Teeth
11/29/13: There Are Thirty-One Musical Triads
11/22/13: The Thirty Years War Lasted from 1618 to 1648
12/21/12: There Are Twenty-Nine Knuts in a Sickle

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