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Follow Friday

This is the list of all of the Follow Friday posts resulting from my participation in the Follow Friday meme hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. When I started participating in the meme, I began numbering my Follow Friday posts in order to differentiate them from one another, and that morphed into coming up with something interesting about every number I used.

Oddly, I skipped the number seventy-four. To make up for this oversight, I inserted 74 in place of 174 and 174 in place of 274. When I get to 374, I may insert 274 in 174's place. Maybe I won't. We'll see. This blog has also been the featured blogger on this meme once, resulting in my Follow Friday Recap.

04/04/14: In Fallout 2 the Chosen One Starts with $152 in Cash
01/10/14: 140 Characters Is the Maximum Length of a Tweet
12/26/13: The Hymn to Apollo Was Written in 138 B.C.
12/20/13: There Are 137 Atoms in a Chlorophyll Molecule
11/15/13: The First Seimometer Was Invented by Zhang Heng in 132 A.D.
10/25/13: Galen Was Born in 129 A.D.
10/18/13: ASCII Has Definitions for 128 Characters
10/04/13: Gilgamesh Ruled Over Uruk for 126 years
09/20/13: 124 Is an Untouchable Number
09/13/13: Mitch Kapor Became a Millionaire by Designing Lotus 1-2-3
09/07/13: Jeanne Calment Was 122 Years Old When She Died
08/30/13: A Chinese Checkers Board Has 121 Holes
08/09/13: Port 119 Is the Default for Unencrypted NNTP Connections
07/26/13: The Mystery of Element 117 Is a Science Fiction Story by Milton Smith
07/05/13: The Atomic Number of Ununpentium Is 115
06/22/13: The Current Congress Is the 113th Congress
05/17/13: Ulysses Killed All 108 of Penelope's Unwelcome Suitors
05/03/13: There Are Currently One Hundred and Seven Nobel Laureates in Literature
04/27/13: 17 U.S.C. § 106 Protects Exclusive Rights in Copyright
04/19/13: The Trajan Bridge Was Built in 105 A.D.
04/04/13: The Ice Truck Killer's Calling Card Was the Number 103
03/29/13: The Empire State Building Has One Hundred and Two Floors
03/22/13: Winston Smith Was Sent to Room 101 to Be Tortured With His Greatest Fear
03/15/13: The Hundred Days Campaign Ended With the Battle of Waterloo
03/08/13: Agent 99 Was Played by Barbara Feldon
03/01/13: In 98 A.D. Tacitus Finished Writing the Germania
02/22/13: About 97% of the Water on Earth Is Salt Water
02/15/13: In 96 A.D. Nerva Became the First of the Five Good Emperors
02/08/13: NATO Called the Tupolev TU-95 "The Bear"
02/01/13: The Atomic Number of Plutonium Is Ninety-Four
01/25/13: Quatrevingt-Treize Is a Victor Hugo Novel About the French Revolution
01/05/13: Sparrowhawk Bound the Dragon Yevaud to Protect the Ninety Isles
12/21/12: One of My Ancestors May Have Been a Sooner in the Land Rush of 1889
12/14/12: In Kill Bill O-Ren Ishii's Gang Was the Crazy 88s
12/09/12: Lincoln Mentioned "Fourscore and Seven Years" in the Gettysburg Address
11/30/12: There Are 86 Metals on the Periodic Table of Elements
11/15/12: NGC 85 Is a Galaxy in Andromeda
11/09/12: Eighty Four Is a Town in Pennsylvania
11/03/12: On Old Televisions 83 Was the Highest UHF Channel
10/26/12: Alchemists Didn't Know That the Atomic Number of Lead Is 82
10/12/12: Phileas Fogg Went Around the World in Eighty Days
10/05/12: Alien and Star Trek: The Motion Picture Were Both Released in 1979
09/29/12: A Typical Tarot Deck Has Seventy-Eight Cards
09/14/12: There Were Seventy-Six Trombones in the Big Parade
08/31/12: Dr. Sheldon Cooper Proved That 73 Is the Best Number
08/24/12: Seventy-Two Degrees Fahrenheit Is Room Temperature
08/17/12: The Coolest Airplane in the World Is the SR-71 Blackbird
08/10/12: Psalms 90:10 Measures a Man's Life as Seventy Years
07/29/12: "68 Publishers" Was an Outlet for Exiled Czech and Slovak Authors
07/13/12: Sixty-Seven Is a Lucky Prime
07/06/12: Order 66 Directed the Clone Troopers to Kill the Jedi
06/22/12: The U.S.S. Enterprise is CVN-65
06/15/12: My First Computer Was a Commodore 64
06/08/12: The Offspring of a Donkey and a Horse Has Sixty-Three Chromosomes
06/01/12: Sixty-Two Scared Sigmund Freud
05/25/12: Boudica Rebelled Against Roman Rule in 61 A.D.
05/18/12: There Are Sixty Carbon Atoms in a Buckyball
05/04/12: I'm Feelin' Groovy, Let's Go to the 59th Street Bridge
04/27/12: There Are Fifty-Eight Spaces in the Game Hexxagon
04/13/12: Fifty-Six Men Signed the Declaration of Independence
04/06/12: Charlton Heston and David Niven Kicked Ass in 55 Days in Peking
03/30/12: There Are Fifty-Four Milligrams of Caffeine in a Can of Mountain Dew
03/23/12: Herbie the Love Bug Is Car Number Fifty-Three
03/16/12: If You Drop a Deck of Cards You Can Play Fifty-Two Pick-Up
03/02/12: Fifty Years Is the Traditional Length of a Jubilee
02/23/12: Forty-Nine Is Seven Squared
02/17/12: Julius Caesar Defeated Pompey in Forty-Eight B.C.
02/10/12: Join the Forty-Seven Society. Or Honor the Forty-Seven Ronin. Or Both.
02/04/12: You Have Forty-Six Chromosomes. Unless You're a Mutant or a Chimpanzee
01/27/12: Billy Dee Williams Drinks Colt Forty-Five, You Better Not Run Out of It
01/20/12: Forty-Four Was Reggie Jackson's Number, Stir the Drink
01/12/12: Forty-Three Is the Atomic Number of Technetium
12/24/11: Forty-Two Is the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything
12/16/11: Forty-One Was Brian Piccolo's Number, Sing a Song for Him
12/09/11: Ali Baba Faced Off Against Forty Thieves
11/17/11: The Thirty-Eighth Parallel Separates the Koreas
11/10/11: Thirty-Seven Is the Smallest Non-Supersingular Prime
11/03/11: Thirty-Six Is Six Squared
10/15/11: You Have to Be Thirty-Five to Be President of the United States
10/07/11: Thirty-Four Is a Heptagonal Number
10/02/11: Thirty-Three Was Larry Bird's Number
09/09/11: Thirty-Two Is a Leyland Number Where X = Two and Y = Four
08/26/11: Thirty-One Is a Happy Prime
08/19/11: You Can't Trust Anyone Over Thirty, Except Me
08/12/11: Twenty-Nine? Hey, That's a Prime Number!
08/05/11: February Has Twenty-Eight Days, Usually
07/29/11: Twenty-Seven Should Be Sacred to the Minbari
07/22/11: Twenty-Six Is Only Divisible by Thirteen
07/15/11: A Quarter of a Century
07/08/11: I Was Twenty-Four When I Got Married for the First Time
07/01/11: Twenty-Three Is the Last Prime Number Until Twenty-Nine
06/24/11: Twenty-Two Is the Same Backwards and Forwards
06/17/11: At Twenty-One, the Follow Friday Can Drink Now
06/10/11: D&D Characters Can Buy Arrows by the Score
06/03/11: Does Anyone Else Remember the Song Nineteen?
05/20/11: Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses
05/06/11: Seventeen Is a Prime Number
04/28/11: Louis the Sixteenth
04/21/11: The Ides of Fridays
04/14/11: A Fortnight of Fridays
04/07/11: A Baker's Dozen
03/24/11: This One Goes to Eleven. Well, Five Actually
03/19/11: Decimeters
03/11/11: Number Nine
03/04/11: Aces Over Eights
02/25/11: Sevens
02/17/11: Sixth Time Is the Charm
02/11/11: A Fifth of Following
02/04/11: For the Fourth Time
01/28/11: Again, Again
01/21/11: Again
01/14/11: Virgin Friday

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