Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Challenges in Review

2011 was not a good reading year for me. Despite the high hopes I had at the outset of the year, I only managed to read and review about fifty new books in the year, which is about a third of what I normally read in that span. There were several reasons for this: maintaining this blog took up a lot of time, I took some classes earlier in the year that required a substantial time commitment, and a number of other issues that had to be dealt with that I don't want to go into here.

Through the year, I tracked the reading blog-based challenges I participated in despite my anemic efforts. For 2011, I participated in the 100 Books Challenge, the 2011 Non-Fiction Challenge, the Dystopia Challenge 2011, the Graphic Novels Challenge for 2011, and the Speculative Fiction Challenge for 2011. The links below take you to the tracking page for each of the challenges.

100 Books in a Year Reading Challenge for 2011
2011 Non-Fiction Challenge
Dystopia Challenge 2011
Graphic Novels Challenge for 2011
Speculative Fiction Challenge for 2011

Here's to looking forward to 2012 and hoping that it is a better year than 2011.


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