Monday, January 30, 2012

Musical Monday - Frogger: The Frogger Musical by Paul & Storm

Formerly members of the a capella group Da Vinci's Notebook, Paul & Storm fall into the category of what I call "geek by proxy", in that they are well-loved by the geek crowd, but very few of their songs are explicitly geek related. They frequently tour with Jonathan Coulton, and sing backup on a few of his songs when they do, which has exposed them to his nerdy cadre of fans and put them in front of crowds at venues like PAX and DragonCon.

Paul & Storm have a lot of very funny songs: Opening Band, Cruel, Cruel Moon, Nugget Man, and so on. But most of them are more generic funny songs than they are geek-oriented funny songs. However, they do have some geek material, and one of my favorites is their homage to musical theater and classic video games: Frogger: The Frogger Musical. This video is from their performance at JoCo Cruise Crazy. As a side note: The woman Paul serenades in the second portion of the song is his wife, which makes that sequence even more adorable.

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