Monday, January 16, 2012

Musical Monday - The Future Soon by Jonathan Coulton

Inspired by the recent Follow Friday question asking for us to reveal our favorite bands and music, I decided to start posting some songs from artists who scratch my inner science fiction nerd every Monday and call it Musical Monday.

And to start things off, I'm going to go with the man who is probably the reigning king of nerd music - the bearded Jonathan Coulton and the song he uses to open his concerts with: The Future Soon. At first the song seems like nothing more than a tale of a boy who grows up to be a mad scientist who creates a rampaging army of robots who destroy the world. But what the song is really about is that twelve year old nerd, probably a science fiction fan, treated like an oddball by his classmates, sitting in his room imagining how he would like to get revenge on everyone who has treated him like crap.

And listening to the song, you realize that Coulton almost certainly was a nerdy twelve year old who harbored these sorts of dark fantasies, and knows exactly the feelings that the song speaks about. Just like his song Code Monkey rings true because it reflects his experiences as a programmer, this song rings true to every person who was once a kid sitting alone in his room wishing he could replace his body parts with cyborg limbs and make everyone realize what a mistake it was to marginalize and ostracize him. Especially the girl that twelve year old had a huge crush on.

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