Monday, January 23, 2012

Musical Monday - Godzilla by The Doubleclicks

I love the Doubleclicks. Made up of two sisters - Angela and Aubrey Webber - they first caught my attention with the Dungeons & Dragons inspired song This Fantasy World, but they are far from a one song group. In 2011 they did a six month creative stint where they recorded one song a week and released it via YouTube, and in the process produced several funny, sharp, and insightful tunes, including this one about metaphors and Godzilla.

Unfortunately this song, like many other songs that the Doubleclicks put out early in their career, is hard to find. I believe that it may be available on iTunes, but I can't find a link to it on their website. I really hope that these songs aren't relegated to remaining available only via YouTube performances and that someday Angela and Aubrey decide to release a CD filled with all of their early songs so that those of us who fell in love with their music in the early days of their career can spend more of our money.

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