Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Book Blogger New Year's Challenge of 2014 - What Are Your Top Ten Book Blogger Pet Peeves?

What Are Your Top Ten Book Blogger Pet Peeves?

These are my top ten pet peeves, in no particular order:

1. Review requests from people who have clearly not read my review policy.

2. Review requests from people who have read my review policy, but think it shouldn't apply to them. You are not as special snowflake. Ignoring my policies is not going to score you any points.

3. E-mails from authors that contain spelling or grammatical errors. If you can't compose a well-written sentence in your e-mail, I'm not going to want to read 300 pages of your prose.

4. Book blog tours.

5. E-mails from authors asking when their book will be reviewed. For the record, this is a good way to get your book put on the bottom of the stack.

6. E-mails from authors that are addressed "to blogger" or "to whom it may concern". If you want me to review your book, at least try to pretend you have researched who I am.

7. Offers of "free content" for my blog. I write all of the content for my blog. I don't need your help. I don't want your help. I've made this clear in my blog policies that you clearly didn't bother to read.

8. The fact that I'm not wealthy enough to attend all of the Cons that I want to attend.

9. Blogs that copy or plagiarize the content of other blogs. Do your own damn reading and writing without copying the work of other bloggers.

10. Authors who write terrible books and are then shocked and outraged when their work doesn't receive glowing reviews.

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  1. I wish I could go to all the Cons I would like to go to, too. I hear about all the amazing things and authors and I'm just at home bathing in jealousy :) Check out my list at http://myviewpointonbooks.blogspot.com/2014/01/book-blogger-new-years-challenge-day-7.html !

    1. @Dabin Han: Fortunately for me, I live in an area where there are a lot of Cons that are reasonably close. Unfortunately, I can only really afford to go to two or three of them a year. This is a recipe for frustration.

  2. I have only went some book signings at some book stores. Wish I could attend some cons myself.Thanks for your post. It is good to know that there are some other bloggers who have some of the same thoughts as yourself.

    1. @Rev. Kim Justice: Oddly, while I have been to a handful of Cons, I have never been to a book signing event in a book store. I should rectify that.

  3. I've never attended a book blogger con but I do attend signings whenever I can! :) I'd love to go to BEA but I live in the UK and I'm a poor student at the moment *sigh*

    Review request peeves seem to be popular amongst most people taking part in this challenge. I don't mind them so much because I just ignore the annoying emails instead of letting them get to me!

    - Farhana @ Digesting The Words

    1. @Farhana Chowdhury: Isn't the definition of a pet peeve more or less a minor annoyance that you don't like? I don't let these sorts of things bother me, they are just annoying.

  4. I actually had an author get upset with me regarding a negative review. I dropped his rating and he wanted me to change my review.

    1. @Terri M. LeBlanc: I have had a few authors react negatively to negative reviews. Later in this challenge when I recount my blogger horror story, I'll be talking about her wild overreaction to my review of the worst book I have ever read.