Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Challenge - 7th Annual Graphic Novels and Manga Challenge 2014

Also in 2014 I am going to once again take on the graphic novels challenge hosted by the 7th Annual Graphic Novels and Manga Challenge 2014 blog. I have no firm plan, but I do have a bunch of graphic novels that need to be read and reviewed, including a volume of Mouse Guard, several volumes of Girl Genius, and the entire run of Order of the Stick. This is also the year that I am going to try to start reviewing my Asterix collection.

The 7th Annual Graphic Novels and Manga Challenge 2014:

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  1. Welcome! Glad to have you with us again, Aaron! I've read a couple of later volumes of GG and they have made me seriously interested in starting that from the beginning some day. Looking forward to your reviews!

    1. @Nicola Mansfield: Glad to be participating again! I love all of the Girl Genius books, so I think that if you go back and read the early volumes you won't be disappointed.