Monday, March 24, 2014

Musical Monday - Let It Go by Idina Menzel

I'm pretty sure that at this point there are probably only about six people in the world who haven't heard this song. After all, it was featured in the most recent Disney blockbuster animated movie Frozen and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song, resulting in Idina Menzel performing it live on national television. Plus, the song won the Academy Award. The song also reached number nine on the Billboard top 100. And so, as I said before, I suspect that pretty much everyone with access to the internet (and thus, the ability to access this blog) has probably heard this song already.

Even so, I had to make this my Musical Monday selection, because it is an absolutely perfect song from an absolutely perfect fantasy movie. And Idina Menzel (who is not Adele Dazeem, no matter what John Travolta says) has the perfect voice to sing it. From a storytelling perspective, the song is brilliant, showing Elsa's transformation from a scared girl into a woman who can stand on her own - although the be honest, this transformation isn't complete until the close of the movie. But this is the critical point where Elsa begins to turn, shedding her inhibitions and finally accepting her power and her responsibility. This is the point where Elsa begins to become an adult.

Also, any song that includes the lyrics "frozen fractals" is one that tickles my inner math nerd. Plus, building an ice castle out of nothing is incredibly cool, both literally and figuratively. And if one pays attention, one realizes that at the end of the song, Elsa is wearing a dress made out of ice. That is about as hardcore as an ice queen can get.

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  1. Wait... how did John Travolta mangle her name? I can't remember. To be honest I hadn't been paying attention to the movie or the song. Or the singer. My bad...

    1. @Julia Rachel Barrett: Somehow Travolta managed to mangle Idina Menzel's name to such an extent that he called her "Adele Dazeem". I understand that he was reading off of a teleprompter, and allegedly has some sort of reading disability, but the fact that he was introducing her wasn't a surprise to him. He should have practiced her name ahead of time.

  2. Yeah, Travolta really botched that one.
    It's a very catchy tune.

    1. @Alex J. Cavanaugh: It was a botch of epic proportions. And I agree, a very catchy song.