Monday, March 17, 2014

Musical Monday - Love You Like a Burrito by The Doubleclicks

So, I got married last Friday. And because the Doubleclicks seem to have a telepathic link into my life, they wrote a song that explains exactly how much I love the woman I married. She is in the video, holding a sign that says "not" at the 0:40 mark. I love her like a flour tortilla stuffed with beans, rice, cheese, peppers, and usually some sort of grilled meat. Probably shrimp. Sometimes chicken. And sour cream. Mmmmm, sour cream.

Well, no actually they didn't. I mean even though I am a huge fan of theirs, the Doubleclicks didn't write the song because I got married. Or because I love my wife like a burrito. It was probably just a happy coincidence that they wrote the perfect song at the perfect time. Probably. All the rest is true: The part about me getting married. The part about loving her like a burrito. The part about the shrimp and chicken. Especially the part about the shrimp and chicken.

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