Monday, March 31, 2014

Musical Monday - The Guy Who Yelled Freebird by The Doubleclicks

This Friday my redhead and I are going to go see the Doubleclicks perform in New York. And then we are going to go see them again (and Molly Lewis) in Virginia on the following Monday. I know you are all jealous of us. And I don't blame you. After all, not everyone gets to see Angela and Aubrey perform twice in four days. But if you do get to see them perform one day, one thing you should make sure not to do is yell "Freebird". If you do, then they are likely to make fun of you in song form.

And rightly so. Yelling "Freebird" at concerts is a joke that is extraordinarily tired now. It is as tired as telling a cashier that the product that isn't ringing up properly must be free. Yelling it out at concerts is neither clever nor funny, and the only people who do it any more are basically obnoxious and unoriginal real-life trolls. So save yourself the embarrassment of joining such company and simply don't yell Freebird.

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