Monday, March 3, 2014

Musical Monday - Your Brains by Jonathan Coulton

So what happens to the corporate world after the zombie apocalypse? According to Jonathan Coulton, not much changes. The subject of the song just changes his focus from trying to use his MBA to make deals involving dollars to trying to make deals to consume your brains. And he's very reasonable about it, trying to split the difference and only negotiate for brain consumption, while leaving you your eyes and presumably your other appendages. All he really wants is the brain, and is that really too much to sacrifice? You weren't going to hoard it all to yourself, were you?

This song, and this video are a good example of why Coulton is the king of nerd folk music. His ability to find the off-kilter humor in strange situations - like a a zombie who happens to be a business school graduate - plus his ability to relate to a crowd are what makes him a star. The way he brings the entire audience into the song, having them take the role of the zombie horde is brilliant. And only Coulton would encourage the audience not only to sing the chorus, but to sing the chorus badly. Because they are zombies, and might be experiencing some wear and tear on their corpsified bodies.

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