Monday, January 12, 2015

Musical Monday - Opening Band by Paul & Storm

Paul & Storm are going to be performing at Jammin' Java in Vienna, Virginia this Friday, and although this is very close to where I live, I won't be there. I won't be there for the same reason I won't be attending MarsCon in Williamsburg, Virginia this weekend: A lack of funds. I would like to go see Paul & Storm perform, and I would like to go to MarsCon, but the Christmas season more or less tapped out me and the redhead, so we have to take a month or two in order for our finances to recover.

Since I am unable to go see them live, I'll do the next best thing - post a video of the pair performing Opening Band, their classic song of musical futility, live on JoCo Cruise Crazy. And they are in prime form here, with "_____ is the name of my ______ cover band" jokes, stopping the song in the middle to comment about panties being thrown, and proving, yet again, that they can actually hold that long note. Maybe the next time they come and perform near me, I'll be able to go and see them. Also, maybe someday the redhead and I can go on JoCo Cruise Crazy and see all of our favorite nerdy musical acts perform.

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