Monday, January 26, 2015

Musical Monday - Uncle Geek's House by The Doubleclicks

The redhead and I have seventeen nieces and nephews. We are, as you might guess, the aunt and uncle who bring a pile of board games with us when we visit, watch nerdy movies with the kids, and have piles of books around our house. I guess the point here is that I pretty much am Uncle Geek in my family, although we don't have floors covered in cables and walls decorated with motherboards. We do have our house decorated in Legos, Skylanders, and books, with some Justice League pictures thrown in for good measure. I'm pretty okay with being Uncle Geek. I can only hope that my nieces and nephews with have memories about spending time with the redhead and me that are as good as the memories Aubrey and Angela apparently have about visiting their nerdy Uncle Geek.

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