Monday, January 5, 2015

Musical Monday - What's On My Mind by Kansas

The past two years have been years of serious transition for me. The most obvious transition has been getting out of a bad marriage, which finally happened in 2013, and getting into what has thus far been a very good marriage in 2014. Although I could go into all the ways that my previous marriage was terrible, I'm still trying to take the high road, even if my former wife abandoned that in favor of shit-slinging from almost the very beginning of the breakdown of our relationship. Suffice it to say that the problem was that we stopped fighting - because we stopped fighting by simply leaving all of our differences unresolved indefinitely. This is not a recipe for marital success.Things are much better for me now on the relationship front, as the redhead is pretty much the perfect spouse for me. She's also my best friend. It's not that we don't ever disagree - but when we do we actually resolve our disagreements with compromises that we both actually follow through on. This is new and different for me.

This past year has also been a transition year for me health wise. I began the year with a number of persistent issues that all seemed unrelated and that had accumulated so slowly that I merely chalked them up to being maladies associated with getting older, with the most bothersome one being that I got tired very easily, and always felt lethargic, drastically cutting into my productivity. Eventually, the mystery was unraveled when I was diagnosed as being diabetic, and all of the apparently disparate symptoms were actually attributable to this one illness. I have since started dealing with it, and although everything isn't (and probably won't be for a while at least) back to what it was before my body decided to stop properly processing sugar, I'm getting better. I hope to be able to use my refound energy to actually complete more projects this year.

But my diagnosis isn't really why I chose this song. Rather, my transition from a bad relationship that left me "out in the cold" to being "so much better now" is. The last couple of years have been hard in many ways, but the root cause has been the unsettled nature of my life as I have moved from a relationship that alternated between cold silence and screaming matches to one that, well, doesn't. Although I have some regrets here and there, and definitely wish some things were better, there is no doubt that most of my life is on a better track now than it was three years ago, and so I will let Kansas speak for me today.

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