Monday, February 26, 2018

Musical Monday - I'm Gonna Getcha Good by Shania Twain

Once upon a time, Shania Twain was a country music star. Then she decided that she wanted to be a crossover star and make pop songs. Apparently part of this plan was to make a music video that had an inexplicable science fiction theme and really didn't make any sense at all.

There is nothing in the song that suggests a science fiction themed video would make sense, and the actual "plot" seems almost backwards. Shania is singing about how she's "gonna get you", but she spends the entire video on her magical motorcycle zooming through a CGI land trying to escape from a giant robot that is trying to get her. Oddly the way the sequence is presented, the robot wouldn't have chased her if she hadn't set out on her motorcycle ride to begin with. The chase ends when the robot smashes itself against a pair of doors because it forgets to pay attention to where it is going. The chase is intercut with scenes of Shania wearing a catsuit and performing with her band as disinterested robots walk by in front of them. This part of the video ends with motorcycle Shania using one of the destroyed robot's eyeballs to shatter the plate glass window in front of band Shania, who then walks out onto the CGI street.

Nothing in this video makes any sense. The catsuit looks good on Shania though.

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