Saturday, February 10, 2018

Book Blogger Hop February 9th - February 15th: The First Punic War Ended in 241 B.C.

Jen at Crazy for Books restarted her weekly Book Blogger Hop to help book bloggers connect with one another, but then couldn't continue, so she handed the hosting responsibilities off to Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer. The only requirements to participate in the Hop are to write and link a post answering the weekly question and then visit other blogs that are also participating to see if you like their blog and would like to follow them.

This week Billy asks: What authors have you met and where?

I've met a lot of authors. This is mostly the result of attending science fiction conventions, but I've met a few authors elsewhere, including during my academic life. For the purpose of this list, I'm defining an "author" as a person who has professionally published writing that is not intended as a textbook and is not a law review article (so as to exclude the bulk of my undergraduate and law school professors, because otherwise this list would be completely ridiculously long, as opposed to just being somewhat ridiculously long).

I've listed the authors that I have met below, in alphabetical order by last name along with where I recall meeting them. It is inevitable that I have misremembered where I first met one or more of these authors, and I am certain that I have left some authors I have met off this list because my memory is faulty. I apologize in advance for these errors and omissions. Anyway, here is the list:

Danielle Ackley-McPhail at Capclave
Day al-Mohamed at Capclave
Catherine Asaro at InConJunction
Sarah Avery at Capclave
Paolo Bacigalupi at Capclave
Steven Barnes at Balticon
Elizabeth Bear at Gencon
Danny Birt at Capclave
Holly Black at Capclave
W. Edward Blain at Woodberry Forest School
David Brin at MidAmericon II
Terry Brooks at Dragoncon
Kurt Busiek at MidAmericon II
Adam-Troy Castro at MidAmericon II
Beth Cato at MidAmericon II
John Chu at MidAmericon II
Wesley Chu at Gencon
Tom Clancy at the University of Virginia
Neil Clarke at Capclave
Brenda Clough at Capclave
Monte Cook at Dragoncon
Leah Cypess at Capclave
Keith R.A. DeCandido at InConJunction
Larry Dixon at Dragoncon
Cory Doctorow at Philcon
Tom Doyle at Capclave
Sarah Beth Durst at Capclave
Scott Edelman at Balticon
Charles Coleman Finlay at MidAmericon II
Michael F. Flynn at MidAmericon II
Kaja Foglio at MidAmericon II
Phil Foglio at MidAmericon II
Esther M. Friesner at MidAmericon II
Chuck Gannon at Capclave
David Gerrold at MidAmericon II
Max Gladstone at MidAmericon II
Alexis Gilliland at Philcon
Joe Haldeman at MidAmericon II
Isaac Holt at the University of Virginia
Walter H. Hunt at Capclave
Kameron Hurley at Gencon
Hao Jingfang at MidAmericon II
Kij Johnson at MidAmericon II
Alma Katsu at Capclave
David Keener at at Washington Science Fiction Association meeting
James Patrick Kelly at MidAmericon II
Jessica Khoury at a young adult authors event in Arlington, Virginia
A.S. King at Hooray for Books in Alexandria, Virginia
Donald M. Kingsbury at Balticon
Alethea Kontis at Capclave
Mary Robinette Kowal at MidAmericon II
Naomi Kritzer at MidAmericon II
Mercedes Lackey at Dragoncon
Geoffrey A. Landis at MidAmericon II
Rosemary Laurey at InConJunction
Richard Leakey at the University of Virginia
Ann Leckie at MidAmericon II
William Ledbetter at MidAmericon II
Edward M. Lerner at Capclave
Ken Liu at Capclave
Scott Lynch at MidAmericon II
C.S. MacCath at Capclave
Seanan McGuire at Chessiecon
Will McIntosh at Capclave
Michael McPhail at Capclave
Bernie Mojzes at Capclave
Sunny Moraine at Balticon
Larry Niven at Balticon
Sharyn November at Capclave
Jody Lynn Nye at Balticon
Dennis O'Connell at the University of Virginia
Carrie Patel at MidAmericon II
Tamora Pierce at Chessiecon
Sarah Pinsker at Capclave
Jennifer Povey at Capclave
Tim Powers at Capclave
Cat Rambo at MidAmericon II
Alastair Reynolds at Capclave
Kim Stanley Robinson at Balticon
Robert J. Sawyer at Dragoncon
John Scalzi at MidAmericon II
Darrell Schweitzer at Capclave
Lawrence Schoen at Capclave
Rori Shay at the Baltimore Book Festival
Martin L. Shoemaker at MidAmericon II
Alex Shvartsman at Capclave
Robert Silverberg at MidAmericon II
Hildy Silverman at Capclave
Alan Smale at Capclave
Rosemary Claire Smith at MidAmericon II
Bud Sparhawk at Capclave
Janine Spendlove at Capclave
Ferrett Steinmetz at MidAmericon II
Charles Stross at Balticon
Steve Rasnic Tem at MidAmericon II
Harry Turtledove at Balticon
Catherynne M. Valente at Capclave
Gordon van Gelder at Capclave
John Varley at Balticon
Michael A. Ventrella at Capclave
Ursula Vernon at Chessiecon
Jo Walton at Balticon
Jean Marie Ward at Capclave
Lawrence Watt-Evans at Capclave
Fran Wilde at Capclave
Chuck Wendig at Gencon
Connie Willis at Balticon
A.C. Wise at Capclave
Allen Wold at Capclave
Alyssa Wong at MidAmericon II
Frank Wu at MidAmericon II

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  1. Wow, I can't believe how many authors you've met, that's amazing. I love Jessica Khoury. Must arrange to go to more bookish events!

    1. @Tizzy: The redhead and I found her books almost by accident. We were at the Arlington event because Alethea Kontis was there, and Khoury was sitting next to Alethea. We picked up Khoury's books and haven't regretted it once.

  2. Impressive! I’ve heard some of these writers speak when they were guests at Australian conventions, but only ever met two or three of them. David Gerrold was here back in the 1980s and a couple of us took him to dinner and did an interview. I had a chat with Charles Stross in the green room at Aussiecon 4. Tamora Pierce was here for a children’s/YA literature conference years ago and I have just unearthed a photo of me getting my books signed. I suppose that counts as meeting her. :-)

    1. @Sue: If we are talking about authors I have heard give speeches, then there are a few to add to the list. I saw Terry Pratchett when he made a surprise appearance at Capclave, and I saw Neil Gaiman when he spoke at Wolf Trap. I saw Pat Cadigan host the Hugo Awards at MidAmericon II as well. I saw Sharon Lee and Steven Miller give a talk about their Liaden Universe series at Balticon. There are probably a couple others, but they don't spring to mind at this moment.

  3. You've meant a lot of authors! That's awesome!!! I really want to go to more author events.

    1. @Chrissy: I highly recommend conventions for meeting authors. I mostly go to science fiction conventions, since science fiction and fantasy are the genres I mostly read, but I know there are also romance novel conventions, horror novel conventions, and general reader conventions, all of which have authors in attendance.