Sunday, April 12, 2020

Running - Weekly Log for April 5, 2020 through April 11, 2020

Last Week's Mileage Goal: 10 miles
Actual Miles Last Week: 2.5 miles
Run/Walk Miles: 0 miles
Cumulative Mileage: 453.0 miles.
This Week's Mileage Goal: 5 miles
Current Weigh-In: Not done

The past two weeks have been rough. I tried to restart a regular running schedule, but unrelated issues have kept me off the roads. I think I am going to simply have to accept that I am back to square one and make my weekly running goals very modest for the next several weeks. I am not going to give up, but I think I have to start with one mile a day again, and slowly build up my stamina again. This is disappointing, but it is what it is.

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