Saturday, July 11, 2020

Book Blogger Hop - July 10th - July 16th: There Are 360 Degrees in a Circle Because the Babylonians Used a Sexagesimal Counting System

Jen at Crazy for Books restarted her weekly Book Blogger Hop to help book bloggers connect with one another, but then couldn't continue, so she handed the hosting responsibilities off to Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer. The only requirements to participate in the Hop are to write and link a post answering the weekly question and then visit other blogs that are also participating to see if you like their blog and would like to follow them.

This week Billy asks: If you can recommend a book from the following genres, what would they be? Romance, NR, YR, or Fantasy.

Taking each of these in turn:

I don't read enough romance to make any kind of recommendation. I could probably count the number of regular romance titles I have read on one hand. Romance-tinged science fiction is probably the closest I can get to a decent recommendation for this genre. If that works, I'd recommend something by Catherine Asaro, probably The Veiled Web or The Radiant Seas.

I think that "NR" is actually supposed to be "NA", or "New Adult" fiction, which really covers a lot of what I would call "fiction", since the definition seems to be "stories featuring protagonists generally between 18 and 30 years of age". That's a genre that has such amorphous parameters that there are a lot of books that could fit into it. Would Leviathan Wakes and the remaining first five books of the Expanse series fit this category? Maybe. I don't know. That's what I'll recommend anyway.

For Young Adult, I have a lot of books I could recommend, but for now I'll go with Fran Wilde's books Updraft and Riverland.

As with YA, there are a lot of fantasy books that I could recommend, but I will confine myself to one author: Ursula K. Le Guin, specifically her Earthsea books starting with A Wizard and Earthsea and continuing through The Tombs of Atuan, The Furthest Shore, and beyond. I also recommend Le Guin's book The Lathe of Heaven.

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