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1967 Hugo Award Nominees

Location: Nycon III in New York, New York.

Comments: In 1967 Robert A. Heinlein won his fourth Best Novel Hugo Award for the The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, a work of libertarian science fiction that was markedly different from his previous three Best Novel wins. In fact, the most consistent thing about the four novels that gave Heinlein his Hugo wins is that they are all so very different from one another. Also notable is that the field of Best Novel nominees included Daniel Keyes' expanded treatment of his Hugo winning story Flowers for Algernon. Another interesting quirk of the balloting for 1967 is that despite not winning any Hugos in this year, Roger Zelazny had three different stories nominated, a fairly impressive achievement.

1967 also saw the return of the Best Dramatic Presentation Award, and the first appearance of Star Trek on the Hugo ballots, with the series taking home the Hugo for The Menagerie two part story cobbled together out of bits and pieces of the rejected pilot episode The Cage. The only drawback to this win by Star Trek is that to claim the trophy it had to beat out the excellent movie adaptation of the Ray Bradbury classic Fahrenheit 451. This year also saw the introduction of two new categories: Best Fan Writer, won by soon-to-be-professional writer Alexei Panshin, and Best Fan Artist, won by Jack Gaughan, who pulled off the unusual feat of also winning the 1967 Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist.

Best Novel

The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein

Other Finalists:
Babel-17 by Samuel R. Delany
Day of the Minotaur by Thomas Burnett Swann
Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes
Too Many Magicians by Randall Garrett
The Witches of Karres by James H. Schmitz

Best Novelette

The Last Castle by Jack Vance

Other Finalists:
The Alchemist by Charles L. Harness
Apology to Inky by Robert M. Green, Jr.
Call Him Lord by Gordon R. Dickson
The Eskimo Invasion by Hayden Howard
For a Breath I Tarry by Roger Zelazny
The Manor of Roses by Thomas Burnett Swann
An Ornament to His Profession by Charles L. Harness
This Moment of the Storm by Roger Zelazny

Best Short Story

Neutron Star by Larry Niven

Other Finalists:
Comes Now the Power by Roger Zelazny
Delusions for a Dragon Slayer by Harlan Ellison
Light of Other Days by Bob Shaw
Man In His Time by Brian W. Aldiss
Mr. Jester by Fred Saberhagen
Rat Race by Raymond F. Jones
The Secret Place by Richard McKenna

Best Dramatic Presentation

Star Trek: The Menagerie

Other Finalists:
Fahrenheit 451
Fantastic Voyage
Star Trek: The Corbomite Maneuver
Star Trek: The Naked Time

Best Professional Magazine

If edited by Frederik Pohl

Other Finalists:
Galaxy edited by Frederik Pohl
New Worlds edited by Michael Moorcock

Best Professional Artist

Jack Gaughan

Other Finalists:
Frank Kelly Freas
Gray Morrow
John Schoenherr

Best Fanzine

Niekas edited by Edmund R. Meskys and Felice Rolfe

Other Finalists:
Australian SF Review edited by John Bangsund
Habakkuk edited by Bill Donaho
Lighthouse edited by Terry Carr
Riverside Quarterly edited by Leland Sapiro
Trumpet edited by Tom Reamy
Yandro edited by Robert Coulson and Juanita Coulson

Best Fan Writer

Alexei Panshin

Other Finalists:
Norm Clarke
Bill Donaho
Harry Warner, Jr.
Paul J. Willis

Best Fan Artist

Jack Gaughan

Other Finalists:
George Barr
Jeff Jones
Steve Stiles
Arthur Thomson

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