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1966 Nebula Award Nominees

Location: Overseas Press Club, New York, New York and McHenry's Tail O' the Cock, Beverly Hills, California.

Comments: In 1966 the SFWA launched a new science fiction award to complement the already extant Hugo Awards. Unlike the fan-voted Hugo Awards, the newly created Nebula Awards are decided by a jury of peers selected from the ranks of the SFWA, with the intent of making them a more "literary" award. Whether this intent has been fulfilled is unclear - there is significant overlap between the winners of the Nebula Award and the winners of the Hugo Award - but the categories are clearly more literary oriented, with no accolades provided for editors or artists, and only the occasional recognition handed out for superior accomplishment in dramatic presentation.

Although the Nebula Awards were much better organized at their outset than the Hugo Awards had been when they were first established, there were still some kinks to work out. Because there was no established rule for creating a nominee list, in this nominating cycle, anyone who received even one nominations was placed on the ballot, resulting an an unusually long list of nominees for this year.

Best Novel

Dune by Frank Herbert

Other Nominees:
All Flesh Is Grass by Clifford D. Simak
The Clone by Ted Thomas and Kate Wilhelm
Dr. Bloodmoney by Philip K. Dick
The Escape Orbit by James White
The Genocides by Thomas M. Disch
Nova Express by William S. Burroughs
A Plague of Demons by Keith Laumer
Rogue Dragon by Avram Davidson
The Ship That Sailed the Time Stream by G.C. Edmondson
The Star Fox by Poul Anderson
The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch by Philip K. Dick

Best Novella

(tie) He Who Shapes by Roger Zelazny
(tie) The Saliva Tree by Brian W. Aldiss

Other Nominees:
The Ballad of Beta-2 by Samuel R. Delany
The Mercurymen by C.C. MacApp
On the Storm Planet by Cordwainer Smith
Research Alpha by A.E. van Vogt and James H. Schmitz
Rogue Dragon by Avram Davidson
Under Two Moons by Frederik Pohl

Best Novelette

The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth by Roger Zelazny

Other Nominees:
102 H-Bombs by Thomas M. Disch
The Adventure of the Extraterrestrial by Mack Reynolds
At the Institute by Norman Kagan
The Decision Makers by Joseph Green
The Earth Merchants by Norman Kagan
Four Ghosts In Hamlet by Fritz Leiber
Goblin Night by James H. Schmitz
Half a Loaf by R.C. Fitzpatrick
Laugh Along with Franz by Norman Kagan
The Life of Your Time by Poul Anderson (writing as Michael Karageorge)
Maiden Voyage by J.W. Schutz
The Masculinist Revolt by William Tenn
Masque of the Red Shift by Fred Saberhagen
Planet of Forgetting by James H. Schmitz
Shall We Have a Little Talk? by Robert Sheckley
The Shipwrecked Hotel James Blish and Norman L. Knight
Small One by E. Clayton McCarty
Vanishing Point by Jonathan Brand

Best Short Story

"Repent, Harlequin!" Said the Ticktockman by Harlan Ellison

Other Nominees:
Balanced Ecology by James H. Schmitz
Becalmed in Hell by Larry Niven
A Better Mousehole by Edgar Pangborn
Better Than Ever by Alex Kirs
Calling Dr. Clockwork by Ron Goulart
Come to Venus Melancholy by Thomas M. Disch
Computers Don't Argue by Gordon R. Dickson
Cyclops by Fritz Leiber
Devil Car by Roger Zelazny
The Eight Billion by Richard Wilson
Eyes Do More Than See by Isaac Asimov (reviewed in Robot Dreams)
A Few Kindred Spirits by John Christopher
Founding Father by Isaac Asimov
Game by Donald Barthelme
The Good New Days by Fritz Leiber
The House the Blakeneys Built by Avram Davidson
In Our Block by R.A. Lafferty
Inside Man by H.L. Gold
Keep Them Happy by Robert Rohrer
A Leader for Yesteryear by Mack Reynolds
Lord Moon by Jane Beauclerk
The Mischief Maker by Richard Olin
Of One Mind by James A. Durham
Over the River and Through the Woods by Clifford D. Simak
The Peacock King by Larry McCombs and Ted White
Slow Tuesday Night by R.A. Lafferty
Souvenir by J.G. Ballard
Though a Sparrow Fall by Scott Nichols
Uncollected Works by Lin Carter
Wrong-Way Street by Larry Niven

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