Monday, November 20, 2017

Musical Monday - The Pumpkin Spice Lament by Molly Lewis

We are almost to the end of pumpkin spice season, which will be the start of that dark time of the year when there aren't hundreds of pumpkin spice products on the shelves. Soon we must content ourselves with just making pumpkin pie during the non-Thanksgiving parts of the year to get through this long national nightmare until pumpkin spice season comes around again. Pumpkin spice season is the bright spot in an otherwise dreary year.

Even worse, we are about to enter peppermint season, which is simply awful. On the other hand, we do get egg nog season at the same time, but good egg nog is so hard to find and there just aren't as many egg nog flavored products as there are pumpkin spice flavored products. Besides, the only truly great thing about egg nog is the nutmeg, and nutmeg is already in pumpkin spice, so egg nog is just discount pumpkin spice.

Oh well. I'm going to enjoy pumpkin spice season while it lasts, and then grit my teeth and try to endure until it comes around again next year.

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