Saturday, February 15, 2020

Book Blogger Hop February 14th - February 20th: Epicurus Was Born in 341 B.C.

Jen at Crazy for Books restarted her weekly Book Blogger Hop to help book bloggers connect with one another, but then couldn't continue, so she handed the hosting responsibilities off to Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer. The only requirements to participate in the Hop are to write and link a post answering the weekly question and then visit other blogs that are also participating to see if you like their blog and would like to follow them.

This week Billy asks: What genre do you like the most?

I don't think it is any secret that my favorite genre of fiction is science fiction, although fantasy is a close second. I love science fiction and fantasy, and those two genres comprise almost all of my fiction reading. One only needs to look at the list of reviews I have done for this blog to realize this. I'm not sure what else I could say in response to this question.

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  1. This week's BBH question was an easy one for me to answer too Aaron. My blog is packed with reviews for paranormal romance and urban fantasy books, I don’t think it came as a surprise that my 💜 favourite 💜 reading genre is adult PARANORMAL ROMANCE! 😘
    I have noticed that there are more books released these days that sit in more than one genre - there seem to me increasing number of crossovers.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, Aaron.
    Here's my BBH Post
    Flora x