Sunday, February 2, 2020

Running - Weekly Log for January 26, 2020 through February 1, 2020

Last Week's Mileage Goal: 23.5 miles
Actual Miles Last Week: 15.5 miles
Run/Walk Miles: 0 miles
Cumulative Mileage: 276.5 miles.
This Week's Mileage Goal: 30 miles
Current Weigh-In: 198.8 pounds

I didn't reach my mileage goal, but I still feel like I had a productive running week. Every run I had was fairly substantial, with three four mile runs and one three and a half mile run. I did miss two days that I had planned on running, but that was due to circumstances beyond my control. Overall, this was the first week since the dog bite back in December that I really felt like I was making progress. I also had my best weigh-in since I started tracking that - really this is the first time in several years that I have been able to write a "1" as the first digit of my weight.

Even though I did not reach my running goal last week, I am going to set a fairly ambitious goal for this week. I have some plans for the future, and a kind of self-imposed deadline for an assessment, so I need to build up my mileage to get to where I want to be. I know that is a little cryptic, but basically it means that I am going to push hard for this week and the next. If things go well, I'll be posting more on that subject after that.

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