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1972 Locus Award Nominees

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Comments: One of the things I find most interesting about the Locus Awards is that they are supposed to provide suggestions for Hugo Award voters every year, and yet the categories for the Locus Awards bear only a passing resemblance to the categories for the Hugo Awards. One would think that if you were intending to create a poll for guiding the voters of a particular award, you would be fairly conscientious about making sure your voting categories lined up with the targeted award. In a broad sense, the Locus Award does line up with the Hugo Awards - they both have a Best Novel and Best Short Story category. They both have a Best Fan Artist category, and so on. But they diverge almost as much as they align, which seems to me to kind of defeat the intended purpose of the Locus Award.

Best Novel
1.   The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. Le Guin

Other Nominees:
2.   To Your Scattered Bodies Go by Philip José Farmer
3.   A Time of Changes by Robert Silverberg
4.   Jack of Shadows by Roger Zelazny
5.   Dragonquest by Anne McCaffrey
6.   The World Inside by Robert Silverberg
7.   The Devil Is Dead by R.A. Lafferty
8.   The Fabulous Riverboat by Philip José Farmer
9.   Son of Man by Robert Silverberg
10. The Second Trip by Robert Silverberg
11. The World Menders by Lloyd Biggle, Jr.
12. The Byworlder by Poul Anderson
13. Furthest by Suzette Haden Elgin
14. Arrive at Easterwine by R.A. Lafferty
15. The Forest of Forever by Thomas Burnett Swann

Best Short Story
1.   The Queen of Air and Darkness by Poul Anderson (reviewed in The Hugo Winners, Volume 3, Book 1)

Other Nominees:
2.   (tie) All the Last Wars at Once by George Alec Effinger
      (tie) A Meeting with Medusa by Arthur C. Clarke
4.   Wheels by Robert Thurston
5.   The Autumn Land by Clifford D. Simak
6.   Mount Charity by Edgar Pangborn
7.   The Bear with the Knot on His Tail by Stephen Tall
8.   World Abounding by R.A. Lafferty
9.   Inconstant Moon by Larry Niven (reviewed in The Hugo Winners, Volume 3, Book 1)
10. Dread Empire by John Brunner
11. A Special Kind of Morning by Gardner Dozois
12. The Human Operators by Harlan Ellison and A.E. van Vogt
13. In Entropy's Jaws by Robert Silverberg
14. Vaster than Empires and More Slow by Ursula K. Le Guin
15. All the Way Up, All the Way Down by Robert Silverberg

Best Original Anthology
1.   Universe 1 edited by Terry Carr

Other Nominees:
2.   New Dimensions 1 edited by Robert Silverberg
3.   Clarion edited by Robin Scott Wilson
4.   Infinity Two edited by Robert Hoskins
5.   Protostars edited by David Gerrold
6.   Orbit 9 edited by Damon Knight
7.   New Worlds Quarterly #1 edited by Michael Moorcock
8.   Quark/4 edited by Samuel R. Delany and Marilyn Hacker
9.   Orbit 8 edited by Damon Knight
10. (tie) New Worlds Quarterly #2 edited by Michael Moorcock
      (tie) Quark/3 edited by Samuel R. Delany and Marilyn Hacker
11. Quark/2 edited by Samuel R. Delany and Marilyn Hacker

Best Reprint Anthology or Collection
1.   World's Best Science Fiction: 1971 edited by Donald A. Wollheim and Terry Carr

Other Nominees:
2.   The Hugo Winners, Volume 2 edited by Isaac Asimov
3.   Driftglass by Samuel R. Delany
4.   Sturgeon Is Alive and Well . . . by Theodore Sturgeon
5.   New Worlds of Fantasy No. 3 edited by Terry Carr
6.   Alpha Two edited by Robert Silverberg
7.   Partners In Wonder edited by Harlan Ellison
8.   All the Myriad Ways by Larry Niven
9.   Down in the Black Gang and Other Stories by Philip José Farmer
10. The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume 1 edited by Robert Silverberg
11. Moderan by David R. Bunch
12. The Best from Fantasy & Science Fiction: 19th Series edited by Edward L. Ferman
13. Moonferns and Starsongs by Robert Silverberg
14. (tie) Fun with Your New Head by Thomas M. Disch
      (tie) The Ruins of Earth edited by Thomas M. Disch
16. Best SF: 1970 edited by Harry Harrison and Brian Aldiss

Best Magazine
1. Fantasy & Science Fiction

Other Nominees:
2. Amazing Stories
3. Analog
4. Fantastic
5. Galaxy
6. If

Best Fanzine
1.   Locus

Other Nominees:
2.   Energumen
3.   Science Fiction Review
4.   Granfalloon
5.   SF Commentary
6.   Outworlds
7.   Yandro
8.   Speculation
9.   Focal Point
10. Potlatch
11. Luna
12. Riverside Quarterly
13. Starling
14. Tomorrow And . . .
15. Phantasmicom
16. Algol

Best Fan Writer
1.   Charlie Brown

Other Nominees:
2.   Dick Geis
3.   (tie) Ted Pauls
      (tie) Harry Warner, Jr.
      (tie) Terry Carr
6.   Rosemary Ullyot
7.   Bruce Gillespie
8.   Mike Glicksohn
9.   Paul Walker
10. (tie) Sandra Miesel
      (tie) Ted White
12. Arnie Katz
13. Fred Patten
14. Dena Brown
15. Joyce Katz
16. Susan Glicksohn

Best Book Publisher
1.   Ballantine

Other Nominees:
2.   Ace
3.   Doubleday
4.   Berkley
5.   Putnam
6.   Signet (NAL)
7.   Avon
8.   Walker
9.   Lancer
10. Bantam
11. Scribners
12. Beagle
13. Arkham House
14. Sphere
15. Mirage Press

Best Paperback Artist
1.   Gene Szafran

Other Nominees:
2.   Jeff Jones
3.   Leo Dillon and Diane Dillon
4.   Frank Kelly Freas
5.   Bob Pepper
6.   Dean Ellis
7.   Gervasio Gallardo
8.   Frank Frazetta
9.   Jack Gaughan
10. Vincent Di Fate
11. Paul Lehr
12. Alicia Austin
13. Richard Powers
14. George Barr
15. David M. Johnston

Best Magazine Artist
1.   Frank Kelly Freas

Other Nominees:
2.   Jack Gaughan
3.   John Schoenherr
4.   Jeff Jones
5.   Vincent Di Fate
6.   Mike Kaluta
7.   Vaughn Bodé
8.   Mike Hinge
9.   Ron Walotsky
10. Mel Hunter
11. (tie) Gahan Wilson
      (tie) Chesley Bonestell

Best Fan Artist
1.   Bill Rotsler

Other Nominees:
2.   Tim Kirk
3.   Alicia Austin
4.   Grant Canfield
5.   George Barr
6.   ATom (aka Arthur Thomson)
7.   Steve Fabian
8.   Jim Shull
9.   Steve Stiles
10. Mike Gilbert
11. Jim McLeod
12. Dany Frolich
13. Vincent Di Fate
14. Jack Gaughan
15. Jay Kinney

Best Convention
1. Noreascon

Other Nominees:
2. Disclave
3. Westercon
4. PgHlange
5. Boskone
6. Philcon
7. MidWestCon
8. Lunacon

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