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2007 Hugo Longlist

Whenever a Worldcon is held outside of the United States, people suggest that genre fiction works produced by local authors and editors are going to receive a boost in the Hugo nomination process and subsequent voting. Nippon 2007, the Worldcon held in 2007, was located in Yokohama, and given that Japan has an active science fiction and fantasy scene, one would think that the ballot would have been filled with Japanese books, stories, movies, and television shows. At the very least, one would think the Hugo longlist would be filled with such works. With the exception of Yoshitaka Amano's appearance on the Best Professional Artist category, the 2007 Hugo longlist appears to be entirely devoid of any influence from Japanese voters.

Based upon the evidence of the statistics from 2007, it seems that the "bump" for local writers and artists is negligible at best. Nippon 2007 , like several other Worldcons, over reported the nomination statistics for the Hugo Awards the year they ran them, but even counting those additional nominees doesn't add much local Japanese flavor to the collection of works that were received nominations. Unless one is prepared to declare that Nippon 2007 was somehow unique in this regard, it seems that the evidence is pointing towards the local "bump" theory being something of a fannish myth.

Best Novel

Blindsight by Peter Watts
Eifelheim by Michael F. Flynn
Glasshouse by Charles Stross
His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik
Rainbow's End by Vernor Vinge [winner]

Longlisted Nominees:
The Android's Dream by John Scalzi
Crystal Rain by Tobias Buckell
Farthing by Jo Walton
The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi
The Jennifer Morgue by Charles Stross
The Last Witchfinder by James Morrow
The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch
Odyssey by Jack McDevitt
The Privilege of the Sword by Ellen Kushner
Sun of Suns by Karl Schroeder
Three Days to Never by Tim Powers
Trial of Flowers by Jay Lake
Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett

Best Novella

A Billion Eves by Robert Reed [winner]
Inclination by William Shunn
Julian: A Christmas Story by Robert Charles Wilson
Lord Weary's Empire by Michael Swanwick
The Walls of the Universe by Paul Melko

Longlisted Nominees:
Botch Town by Jeffrey Ford
JQ211F and Holding by Nancy Kress
The Little White Nerves Went First by John Barnes
Missile Gap by Charles Stross
Planet of Mystery by Terry Bisson
The Plurality of Worlds by Brian Stableford
The Revivalist by Albert E. Cowdrey
Riding the Crocodile by Greg Egan
The Voyage of the Night Shining White by Chris Roberson
Where the Golden Apples Grow by Kage Baker

Best Novelette

All the Things You Are by Mike Resnick
Dawn, and Sunset, and the Colours of the Earth by Michael F. Flynn
The Djinn's Wife by Ian McDonald [winner]
Pol Pot's Beautiful Daughter by Geoff Ryman
Yellow Card Man by Paolo Bacigalupi

Longlisted Nominees
The Caretesian Theater by Robert Charles Wilson
Counterfactual by Gardner Dozois
Damascus by Daryl Gregory
El Regalo by Peter S. Beagle
Ghost Wars by Stephen Baxter
I, Row-Boat by Cory Doctorow
In the House of the Seven Librarians by Ellen Klages
Journey into the Kingdom by M. Rickert
Pop Squad by Paolo Bacigalupi
Salt Wine by Peter S. Beagle
When SysAdmins Ruled the Earth by Cory Doctorow

Best Short Story

Eight Episodes by Robert Reed
The House Beyond Your Sky by Benjamin Rosenbaum
How to Talk to Girls at Parties by Neil Gaiman
Impossible Dreams by Tim Pratt [winner]
Kin by Bruce McAllister

Longlisted Nominees
The American Dead by Jay Lake
Another Word for Map Is Faith by Christopher Rowe
Chu and the Nants by Rudy Rucker
The Electrisarian by Sean McMullen
In the Abyss of Time by Stephen Baxter
Life on the Preservation by Jack Skillingstead
Lighthouse by Michael Shara and Jack McDevitt
Nano Comes to Clifford Falls by Nancy Kress
The Small Astral Object Genius by James Van Pelt
Tin Marsh by Michael Swanwick
Under Hell, Over Heaven by Margo Lanagan

Best Related Work

About Writing: Seven Essays, Four Letters, and Five Interviews by Samuel R. Delany
Cover Story: The Art of John Picacio by John Picacio
Heinlein's Children: The Juveniles by Joseph T. Major
James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice by Sheldon by Julie Phillips [winner]
Worldcon Guest of Honor Speeches edited by Mike Resnick and Joe Scilari

Longlisted Nominees:
The Acme Catalog by Charles Carney and Scott Grass
The Darkening Garden: A Short Lexicon of Horror by John Clute
Daughters of Earth, Feminist Science Fiction in the Twentieth Century edited by Justine Larbalastier
Doctor Who: A Critical Reading of the Series by Kim Newman
Encyclopedia of Fantasy and Horror Fiction by Don D'Ammassa
Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall by Bill Willingham
FenCon III Program Book edited by Tim Miller and Ed Dravecky
Future Prime: The Top 10 Science Fiction Films by John Flynn and Bob Blackwood
The History of Science Fiction by Adam Roberts
Kiddography: The Life and Art of Tom Kidd by Tom Kidd
Making Comics by Scott McCloud
The Ring of Words: Tolkien and the Oxford English Dictionary by Peter Gilliver, Jeremy Marshall, and Edmund Weiner
Spectrum 13 by Arnie Fenner and Cathy Fenner
Wally's World: The Brilliant Life and Tragic Death of Wally Wood, the World's Second-Best Comic Book Artist edited by Steve Starger and J. David Spurlock

Best Dramatic Presentation: Long Form

Children of Men
Pan's Labyrinth [winner]
The Prestige
A Scanner Darkly
V for Vendetta

Longlisted Nominees:
The Ant Bully
Heroes, Season 1
The Illusionist
The Lost Room
Nanny McPhee
Night at the Museum
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Stranger than Fiction
Superman Returns
X-Men: The Last Stand

Best Dramatic Presentation: Short Form

Battlestar Galactica: Downloaded
Doctor Who: Army of Ghosts and Doomsday
Doctor Who: The Girl in the Fireplace [winner]
Doctor Whoe: School Reunion
Stargate SG-1: Episode 200

Longlisted Nominees:
Battlestar Galactica: Exodus, Part 2
Bettlestar Galactica: Exodus, Parts 1 and 2
Battlestar Galactica: Lay Down Your Burdens, Parts 1 and 2
Doctor Who: Age of Steel and Rise of the Cybermen
Doctor Who: Impossible Planet and Satan Pit
Heroes: Genesis
Heroes: Homecoming
Life on Mars: Episode One
Torchwood: Out of Time
The Tragical Historie of Guidolon, the Giant Space Chicken

Best Professional Editor: Short Form

Gardner Dozois
David Hartwell
Stanley Schmidt
Gordon van Gelder [winner]
Sheila Williams

Longlisted Nominees:
Andy Cox
Peter Crowther
Ellen Datlow
Eric Flint
Esther M. Friesner
Susan Marie Groppi
Jay Lake
Deborah Layne
Shawna McCarthy
Mike Resnick

Best Professional Editor: Long Form

Lou Anders
Jim Baen
Ginjer Buchanan
David Hartwell
Patrick Nielsen Hayden [winner]

Longlisted Nominees:
Ellen Asher
Jennifer Brehl
Jim Frenkel
Anne Groell
Marty Halpern
Beth Meacham
Betsy Mitchell
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Sharyn November
Simon Spanton
Juliet Ulman

Best Professional Artist

Bob Eggleton
Donato Giancola [winner]
Stephen Martiniere
John Jude Palancar
John Picacio

Longlisted Nominees:
Yoshitaka Amano
Max Bertolini
Jim Burns
Phil Foglio
Jon Foster
Dominic Harman
John Harris
Tom Kidd
David Mattingly
J.K. Potter
Charles Vess
Michael Whelan

Best Semi-Prozine

Ansible edited by Dave Langford
Interzone edited by Andy Cox
Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet edited by Gavin Grant and Kelly Link
Locus edited by Charles N. Brown, Kirsten Gong-Wong, and Liza Groen Trombi [winner]
The New York Review of Science Fiction edited by Kathryn Cramer, David G. Hartwell, and Kevin J. Maroney

Longlisted Nominees:
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine edited by Andrew Finch
Emerald City edited by Cheryl Morgan
Internet Review of Science Fiction edited by Stacey Janssen
Jim Baen's Universe edited by Eric Flint and Mike Resnick
Nth Degree edited by Michael D. Pederson
Postscripts edited by Peter Crowther and Nick Gevers
Shimmer edited by Beth Wodzinski
Strange Horizons edited by Susan Marie Groppi, Jed Hartman, and Karen Meisner
Subterranean Magazine edited by William Schafer
Talebones edited by Patrick Swenson

Best Fanzine

Banana Wings edited by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer
Challenger edited by Guy H. Lillian, III
The Drink Tank edited by Christopher J. Garcia
Plokta edited by Steve Davies, Alison Scott, and Mike Scott
Science-Fiction Five-Yearly edited by Randy Byers, Lee Hoffman, and Geri Sullivan [winner]

Longlisted Nominees:
Alexiad edited by Joseph Major
Argentus edited by Steven H Silver
Bento edited by Kate Yule and David D. Levine
Chunga edited by Andy Hooper, Randy Byers, and Carl Juarez
Electric Velocipede edited by John Klima
File 770 edited by Mike Glyer
Pacheco Progress edited by Christopher J. Garcia
Pixel edited by David Burton
SF Revu edited by Gayle Surrette
SF Signal edited by J.P. Frantz

Best Fan Writer

Christopher J. Garcia
John Hertz
David Langford [winner]
Steven H Silver
John Scalzi

Longlisted Nominees:
Claire Brialey
Matthew Cheney
Jay Lake
William Lexner
Guy H. Lillian, III
Joseph T. Major
Cheryl Morgan
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Ted White
Frank Wu

Best Fan Artist

Brad W. Foster
Teddy Harvia
Sue Mason
Steve Stiles
Frank Wu [winner]

Longlisted Nominees:
Harry Bell
Sheryl Birkhead
Alexis Gilliland
Kurt Erichsen
Theresa Mather
Bill Rotsler
Stu Shiffman
Marc Shirmeister
Alison Scott
Dan Steffan
Ray Van Tilburg
Taral Wayne
Alan White

John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer

Scott Lynch
Sarah Monette
Naomi Novik [winner]
Brandon Sanderson
Lawrence M. Schoen

Longlisted Nominees:
Alma Alexander
Beth Bernobich
David Louis Edelman
Eugie Foster
Justine Larbaleister
Cherie Priest
Cat Rambo
Ken Scholes
Jonathan Sherwood
Maria V. Snyder

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