Monday, March 30, 1970

Author - Cushman, Marc

Birth: November 22, 1954.

Death: Still alive and writing about television shows from the 1960s.

Comments: Marc Cushman is an American author and screenwriter. He is best known for These Are the Voyages, his trilogy of books about the original Star Trek series, and the book I Spy: A History and Episode Guide to the Groundbreaking Television Series. Cushman also has writing credits for contributing to a number of television shows, including Channel K, Bachelor Pad, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Diagnosis: Murder, and Beyond Belief.

Cushman has a website named Marc Cushman. He can also be found on IMDB, and Memory Alpha. There is also a website dedicated to his Star Trek related books titled These Are the Voyages.

My reviews of Marc Cushman's books:
These Are the Voyages: TOS, Season One (with Susan Osborne)
These Are the Voyages: TOS, Season Two (with Susan Osborne)
These Are the Voyages: TOS, Season Three (with Susan Osborne)

Other books by Marc Cushman that I have read but not reviewed:

Short fiction by Marc Cushman appearing in books that I have reviewed:

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