Thursday, March 26, 1970

Author - Zumsteg, Derek

Birth: I have no idea.

Death: Still alive and writing about the Seattle Mariners.

Comments: Derek Zumsteg is a baseball analyst and writer who occasionally writes science fiction. Zumsteg was a long time contributor to the Baseball Prospectus, and wrote an in-depth article analyzing the question of whether a convincing case had been made that Pete Rose bet on baseball titled Examining the Dowd Report. Perhaps inspired by this, Zumsteg also wrote the book The Cheater's Guide to Baseball, examining the history of cheating in baseball.

He has written for the U.S.S. Mariner blog, as well as The Cheater's Guide to Baseball Blog, and the blog Hate Life, Will Travel. Except for the first, all of these blogs appear to be defunct. You can find him on twitter under the handle milhous.

My reviews of Derek Zumsteg's books:

Other books by Derek Zumsteg that I have read but not reviewed:

Short fiction by Derek Zumsteg appearing in works that I have reviewed:
Ticket Inspector Gliden Becomes the First Martyr of the Glorious Human Uprising found in Asimov's Science Fiction: Vol. 34, No. 3 (March 2010)

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