Friday, March 20, 1970

Author - Takeda, Sana

Birth: 1977.

Death: Still alive and drawing beautiful comic books.

Comments: Sana Takeda is a Japanese artist and writer who has done extensive work for Marvel. Takeda has provided artwork for numerous comic book series, including Ms. Marvel, X-23, and Venom. She contributed the exquisite artwork for the Image Comics series Monstress, written by Marjorie Liu. With Liu, Takeda won a Hugo Award in 2017 for the series.

Takeda has a website named Sana Takeda's Art Gallery. She can also be found on Facebook and Tumblr.

My reviews of Sana Takeda's books:
Monstress, Volume One: Awakening (with Marjorie Liu)

Other books by Sana Takeda that I have read but not reviewed:

Short fiction by Sana Takeda appearing in books that I have reviewed:

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