Monday, March 23, 1970

Author - Wu, Brianna

Wu at MidAmeriCon II
Birth: 1980.

Death: Still very much alive and making video games.

Comments: Brianna Wu is an American artist, advocate, and video game designer. She started her first animation venture at the age of 19, although it was ultimately unsuccessful. She was briefly enrolled at the University of Mississippi, but withdrew to move to Washington, D.C. in order to engage in political advocacy for several years. Wu is currently the owner of an head of development at the video game company Giant Spacekat.

In 2014, Wu was one of a handful of high profile women in or adjacent to the video game industry who were targeted by GamerGate. After her home address was published on 8-Chan by pro-GamerGate supporters, she reported receiving multiple death and rape threats that ultimately drove her from her home for a time. By February of 2015, Wu was reportedly spending one day a week communicating with law enforcement and attending events in the U.S. only if she was accompanied by a security detail.

Wu is married to four-time Hugo winning artist and author Frank Wu. Wu has a website named Brianna Wu. She can also be found on Twitter.

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