Friday, March 27, 1970

Author - B

This page contains an alphabetical list of all authors with last names beginning with the letter "B". Clicking on an individual author's name will take you to their page with links to all the reviews of books by that author that I have posted on the blog and many author pages also have some information about that particular author.

Bagg, Roger
Bailey, Joseph J.
Ball, K.C.
Ballantyne, Tony
Balzac, Stephen R.
Barlowe, Wayne Douglas
Barnes, Scott T.
Barnes, Steven
Barrett, Julia Rachel
Barton, Andrew
Baxter, Stephen
Bear, Elizabeth
Bear, Greg
Bechko, Corinna
Beckett, Chris
Bell Alden
Bell, Christopher E.
Bellairs, John
Bellet, Annie
Bennett, Christopher L.
Benson, Amber
Berents, Helen
Bergmann, F.J.
Berman, Ruth
Berry, Don
Bester, Alfred
Biggle Jr., Lloyd
Birt, Danny
Bishop, Michael
Black, Holly
Blain, W. Edward
Blank, Warren
Bloch, Robert
Bobet, Leah
Bohnhoff, Maya Kaathryn
Bondoc, Elmo
Bone, J.F.
Booth, Paul
Borski, Robert
Bossert, Gregory Norman
Boston, Bruce
Bova, Ben
Boyd, Jacob A.
Bradbury, Ray
Brafman, Ori
Brafman, Rom
Bramson, Robert M.
Brin, David
Broderick, Damien
Brodski, Eneasz
Brooks, Terry
Brown, Aaron
Brown, Pierce
Browne, S.G.
Browning, Edgar K.
Brust, Steven
Buckley, Bob
Burns, Stephen L.
Burroughs, Edgar Rice
Busiek, Kurt
Butcher, Jim

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