Friday, March 27, 1970

Author - C

This page contains an alphabetical list of all authors with last names beginning with the letter "C". Clicking on an individual author's name will take you to their page with links to all the reviews of books by that author that I have posted on the blog and many author pages also have some information about that particular author.

Cadigan, Pat
Cain, Chelsea
Campbell Jr., John W.
Campbell, Joseph
Campen, V.G.
Canfield, Tracy
Carani, David
Card, Orson Scott
Carlson, Jeff
Carlton, Clark Thomas
Caroti, Simone
Carr, Caleb
Cash, Sam
Castle, Mort
Castro, Adam-Troy
Carter, Scott William
Cato, Beth
Catton, Bruce
Cavanaugh, Alex J.
Cerier, Alison Brown
Chandler, A. Bertram
Chase, Robert R.
Chiang, Cliff
Chiang, Ted
Cho, Zen
Choi, Eric
Chu, John
Chu, Wesley
Clare, Gwendolyn
Clark, G.O.
Clarke, Arthur C.
Clarke, Neil
Cleary, Beverly
Cleary, David Ira
Clements, David L.
Clifton, Mark
Clingerman, Mildred
Clink, David Livingstone
Clough, Brenda W.
Coad, Brian C.
Coates, Ta-Nehisi
Cohen, Douglas
Coleman, Lindsay
Collier, John
Collins, Ron
Collins, Suzanne
Cook, Rick
Cooper, Brenda
Cooper, Susan
Corey, James S.A.
Cornfeld, Li
Correia, Larry
Coville, Bruce
Crawford, James
Creasey, Ian
Creek, Dave
Croke, Marie
Crome, Andrew
Crowell, Benjamin
Crump, Marty
Cushman, Marc
Cypess, Leah

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