Monday, March 23, 1970

Author - Wold, Allen

Me and Wold at CapClave 2011
Birth: December 8, 1943.

Death: Still alive and trying to catch up with his to-be-read pile.

Comments: Allen Wold is an American science fiction author. He graduated from Pomona College, and says he left Michigan to live in Claremont, California because there weren't enough book stores, and eventually settled in Durham, North Carolina. He has worked as either a full-time writer or full-time father for most of the last thirty years, and has produced almost a dozen novels in that time.

As one can kind of see in the picture to the left, Wold has a distinctive personalized needlepoint convention badge holder that he brings with him to pretty much every convention he attends. As quirks for genre authors go, it is a pretty small one, but it is a nice looking badge holder and I'm surprised more regular convention goers don't have something similar.

Wold has a website named Allen Wold. He can also be found on Facebook.

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