Sunday, March 22, 1970

Author - Varley, John

John Varley and Me at Balticon 50
Birth: August 9, 1947.

Death: Sill alive and writing about a future in which humanity has been exiled from the Earth.

Comments: John Varley is an American science fiction author best known for works such as The Phiuchi Hotline, and Red Thunder. Varley attended Michigan State University but left before graduating, after which he (among other things) went to San Francisco during the "summer of love" and attended Woodstock. Since 1997, Varley has written more than a dozen novels and numerous works of short fiction, many of which are cvollected into five short fiction collections. A number of his works, including The Ophiuchi Hotline and The Golden Globe, are set in his Eight Worlds fictional reality. Varley also spent several years trying to break in as a Hollywood screenwriter, but the only real result that generated appears to be the film Millenium and the related novel. For his writing efforts, Varley has won three Hugo Awards, two Nebula Awards, and ten Locus Awards.

Varley has a website named Science Fiction Writer John Varley.

My reviews of John Varley's books:

Other books by John Varley that I have read but not reviewed:
The Golden Globe
The Opiuchi Hotline
Red Thunder

Short fiction by John Varley appearing in works that I have reviewed:

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