Friday, March 27, 1970

Author - M

This page contains an alphabetical list of all authors with last names beginning with the letter "M". Clicking on an individual author's name will take you to their page with links to all the reviews of books by that author that I have posted on the blog and many author pages also have some information about that particular author.

MacCath, C.S.
Makansi, Jason
Makansi, K.
Maltese, Racheline
Malzberg, Barry N.
Marchant, Jamie
Marco, John
Martin, George R.R.
Mayer, Alastair
McAllister, Bruce
McAuley, Paul J.
McCaffrey, Anne
McCall Smith, Alexander
McCarthy, Shawna
McCarthy, Terry
McCarthy, William Michael
McDaniel, Tim
McGuire, Seanan
McHugh, Ian
McIntosh, Will
McMullen, Sean
McNiven, Steve
Meacham, Beth
Mesic, Harriet Bey
Meyerhofer, Michael
Millar, Marc
Miller, Frank
Miller Jr., Walter M.
Milligan, Tony
Mirabelli, Eugene
Miskell, Vincent
Mitchell, William
Mitenko, D.T.
Miyazawa, Takeshi
Moffitt, Donald
Monette, Sarah
Morris, Mark
Morrow, James
Muir, Tamsyn
Muriel, M.O.
Muti├▒├│, Pedro Domingo

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