Sunday, March 22, 1970

Author - Vance, Jack

Birth: August 28, 1916.

Death: May 26, 2013.

Comments: Jack Vance is a prolific and much-honored author of fantasy and science fiction. In his nearly seventy year career as a writer, Vance has won three Hugo Awards, a Nebula Award, and a World Fantasy Award, as well as numerous other lesser awards. In the early part of his career Vance was a frequent contributor to the many science fiction magazines published at the time, but the novels he produced were mostly entries in the mystery genre. As he later morphed into writing science fiction novels, he retained his love of the mystery genre, and many of his novels and other stories are mysteries set in a science fiction world (as examples, see The Moon Moth and Worlds of Origin).

Vance also wrote fantasy fiction, notably the post-apocalyptic Dying Earth series, which is excellent in its own right, but is also significant for providing Gary Gygax with many ideas when he was developing the Dungeons and Dragons game, including the "fire and forget" magic system that has come to be known in role-playing game circles as "Vancian magic".

Vance has an official website dedicated to him and he has his own page at Wikiquotes.

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