Monday, March 23, 1970

Author - Wu, Frank

Me and Wu at MidAmeriCon II
Birth: August 20, 1967.

Death: Still alive and making fan art.

Comments: Frank Wu is an American artist, author, and bacterial geneticist. Wu holds a Ph.D. in bacterial genetics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and works in the field of patent law. A prolific fan artist, Wu has won four Hugo Award as Best Fan Artist, and been nominated for the award three other times. In addition to his Hugo Awards, Wu won the Illustrators of the Future contest. Wu has effectively retired himself from future Fan Artist Hugos, suggesting to the Worldcon community that they should focus on recognizing other worthy candidates. Wu has also published several works of short fiction and created the short animated film The Tragical Historie of Guidolon the Giant Space Chicken.

Wu has a website named Frank Wu. He is married to video game designer and author Brianna "Spacekat" Wu. He provided illustrations for an co-wrote the technical manual for the game Revolution 60.

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