Thursday, March 26, 1970

Author - Zdarsky, Chip

Birth: December 21, 1975.

Death: Still alive and making great art.

Comments: Chip Zdarsky is a Canadian comic book artist and author. Zdarsky is a pen name, the artist's birth name is Steve Murray, and he worked under that name for several years for the National Post as an illustrator and writer. He has also used the pseudonym Todd Diamond on occasion. Murray uses the Zdarsky pen name for his work in comics, including his Eisner-winning series Sex Criminals which he co-created with Matt Fraction.

Zdarsky has a website named Chip Zdarsky and a blog named Chip Zdarsky's Secret Online Journal. He can also be found on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

My reviews of Chip Zdarsky's books:
Sex Criminals, Volume One: One Weird Trick (with Matt Fraction)
Sex Criminals, Volume Two: Two Worlds, One Cop (with Matt Fraction)

Other books by Chip Zdarsky that I have read but not reviewed:

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