Monday, March 2, 1970

Author - Bondoc, Elmo

Birth: I have no idea when, but it probably happened in Laoag City, Philippines.

Death: Still alive and drawing Deadpool.

Comments: Elmo Bondoc is a Filipino artist whose most known work is probably the artwork for the four volume series featuring Deadpool taking on Thanos. He has also drawn for the Ms. Marvel series. Other than this, there is relatively little information available about this artist. I am not even certain if the picture shown here is of him, but I believe that it is.

This may be Bondoc's Facebook page, but I cannot be certain of this.

My reviews of Elmo Bondoc's books:
Ms. Marvel: Crushed (with G. Willow Wilson and Takeshi Miyazawa)

Other books by Elmo Bondoc that I have read but not reviewed:

Short fiction by Elmo Bondoc appearing in works that I have reviewed:

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